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About Us What & who makes us tick!

How It All Began

The KIDD, me, is better known as Joe. I grew up in small town in South Jersey and have lived here all my life. I grew up loving and playing sports and to this day it is my passion. The long and short of my story is all through my 20′s I wagered on sports and like most everybody else I got my brains beat in. When I turned 30 and had my son I was determind to give up wagering on sports and move on with my life. One day a lawyer friend of mine took me to the race track to enjoy a day at the races and bet on a few horses. During the course of the day I met a client of my lawyer who also happened to be a huge bookie in the area. I befriended him and in a few years learned more about sports betting than I ever thought was possible.

The true meaning of line movements, public betting action, who Vegas thinks will cover the ‘number’ and why the line opened where they opened, etc. Here, this whole time, I thought my vast knowledge of stats, the players, the teams, etc was all I needed to ‘beat’ the game. How wrong I was. After another 4 years of losing while applying this knowledge I finally was able to have my first winning year. Slowly, surely, confidently, I was able to piece together winning year after winning year.

Now 6 out of the last 7 years I have had winning years and I am WELL on my way to 7 out of 8. Now, after researching this industry for the past 4 years I am ready to share my winning expirence with all of you. 95% or more, of gamblers LOSE on a yearly basis. Join the 5%. Here at all I can promise is nobody will work harder, nobody will be more prepared and NOBODY WILL be more honest than me. I am going to bring an honest service to an industry filled with con artist and scamming salesman.

Our Philosophy

Here at, we preach a system of money management.
There is NO get rich quick scheme in this game.
What I do here is build bankrolls with long term profits. We refer to it as ‘grinding it out’!

We use a simple DIME money management system. Plays are given out with a DIME value attached to them.
My releases are 2 DIME (Basic free play), 5 DIME, 10 DIME, and the rare 20 or 25 MAX play hammer time. So if your a $25 player and I release a 2 DIME play, a 5 DIME play and a 10 DIME play you are risking: 2 x $25 = $50, 5 x $25 = $125 and 10 x $25 = $250 for a total of $425. I have clients who bet at a level of a DIME= $10 and my top shooters equate a DIME to $250!

Simply put if you follow my money management system YOU WILL WIN!!!